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Will you turn up?
Yes. We are reliable, professional and friendly. We always turn up and have never let anyone down since we started in this business in 1987.

What happens if it rains?
If bad weather is forecast for the day of your party or event we strongly recommend trying to change the location of to inside a hall to avoid disappointment. If this cannot be done we offer wet weather cancellation on our equipment.

Cancellation is free of charge and if we have to cancel because of bad weather there is also no charge. If bad weather is forecast for the day of your hire we will contact you to discuss arangements. WE DO NOT HIRE OUR EQUIPMENT OUTDOORS IF HEAVY OR PERSISTENT RAIN IS FORECAST OR IF WINDS INCLUDING GUSTS OVER 24 MPH ARE FORECAST.

This is for everyone's safety. If we have not contacted you and rain is forecast in your area please call us. If it rains during your event you should make sure that everybody is off the castle, switch off the power to it. Do not use the equipment in wet or windy conditions as they can become dangerous and this will increase the chances of having an accident.

Do your castles fit indoors?
Yes some do fit indoors (halls usually) but please let us know if this is what you are planning as some castles will not fit because of their height.

Can adults use your equipment?
Only certain equipment is available for the use of adults. We have larger castles or sumo suits, gladiator duel, assault courses,etc. Most bouncy castles are for the use of children up to the age of 14.

How long can I keep the castle for?
We will deliver on the day of your event (unless otherwise arranged) between 8 am and midday. If these times are not suitable other times can sometimes be arranged. We start collecting at 6 pm in the same order we dropped them off.

Overnight hire can sometimes be arranged, this will be charged extra, and we must pick them up the next morning unless arranged otherwise. Equipment can sometimes be collected and returned to our premises. If your event is in a hall we will arrange with you times to deliver and collect.

Can you take the equipment through our house?
We prefer an outside access to your garden (gate etc.) but if this is not possible please let us know and we will deliver the right equipment for you that will fit through your house, size permitting.

Can I cancel? Will I have to pay?
You can cancel anytime you wish to but please let us know as early as possible so we can re-hire the equipment. We do not charge for cancellation.

How much electric does it use?
Running a blower for the average length of hire will cost roughly £1-£2


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